Vertical Solutions Gallery


Vertical Solutions Gallery

Today’s fast paced, dynamic and competitive business environment demands organizations be the best in world at what they do. Mill Creek Systems provides software solutions to help them reach their pinnacle.

Retail Store Planning – comprehensive suite of graphical tools to layout, design and merchandise retail stores

Structural Steel Estimating Software – structural steel fabricator needs a fast way to enter BOM take-offs information for estimating jobs

Heat Exchanger Design Tools – Updated 40+ year old BASIC routines to into a modern Windows program to iteratively design heat exchangers (coming soon)

Precast Concrete Design Suite – a complete set of tools to help design precast concrete structures

Primary Distribution Map Management – graphical tools to create/manage maps of electrical distribution system

Automated Utility Map Scaling – program to automate re-scaling of hundreds of overhead electrical maps

Feature-based Plotting  – a utility that would uniquely symbolize map features based on database values

Industrial Hygiene Visualization – create intensity, heat, volume maps based on light, oil mist and sound readings taken from a factory floor

Municipal Curbline Expansion – automated tool to expand curblines for 911 dispatch system

Substation Instrument & Control Design – a step by step wizard that automates creation of labor intensive substation control drawings (coming soon)


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