CAD Detail Management Software

CAD Detail Explorer – CAD Detail Management Software for Architects, Designers, and Project Managers

CAD Detail Explorer is a Windows desktop program that provides keyword search, preview, placement, opening detail in CAD editor, and printing the detail providing full featured CAD Detail Management software package. Can be used with or without desktop CAD editor.

CAD Detail Explorer - CAD Detail Management Software

CAD Detail Explorer dialog showing folder structure, keyword search and preview panes


Eliminate wasted time searching for CAD details with our user-friendly CAD Detail Explorer that makes managing CAD details (search, preview, insert, and open) fast and flexible.

Designed for architects, engineers, and managers, CAD Detail Explorer will become one of your go-to aids in your CAD detail management toolbox.

Lightning fast keyword searching and previewing is made possible by creating a searchable text index and Autodesk DWF preview files of each CAD detail.

CAD Detail Explorer dialog is fully resizable as well as the individual panes to optimize screen space.

Your existing standard CAD detail directory structure is used for drill down searching (like Windows Explorer). No database required.

Full Keyword Search for CAD Details

  • Full Keyword Search of any text in the CAD details
  • Full text search can include keywords or complex queries (AND/OR and other advanced search parameters)
  • Search results are ranked according to search criteria
  • Option to control scope of keyword search to include/exclude directories

Visual Drill Down Search

  • Visual Drill Down Search through your existing standard CAD detail directory structure
  • Drill down search is identical to Windows Explorer directory trees
  • Uses your existing standard detail directory structure

Preview CAD Details

  • Once a detail has been selected, it is displayed in in full vector preview pane
  • Easy pan and zoom with left mouse click and mouse wheel
  • Preview does not require a full CAD editor license on each computer

Print CAD Details

  • Right-click on Preview pane to print a detail
  • No need to open it with CAD editor

Insert and Open CAD Details into Editor

  • Insert CAD detail interactively into your CAD drawing
  • Open the CAD detail for editing
    CAD Detail Explorer - CAD Detail Management Software

    Right Click Context Menu to Insert or Open Detail in CAD Editor

SDG Architects is a full-service architectural and planning firm that serves the needs of Western US and California markets.
We were looking for a solution to be able to quickly find CADD details for projects. The problem was we couldn’t find details quickly enough, even if we knew they existed, and therefore we would end up drawing details over because it was quicker than to spend all of the time searching for them.
 Our main requirements for a CADD detail management software program were to be able to search, view, and print CADD details from our extensive detail library. During our search we evaluated several solutions from a variety of vendors. The approach that met our needs the best was CAD Detail Explorer from Mill Creek Systems, Inc.
 We now have the ability to quickly text search all of our indexed details and view/print them independently of CADD software. We have roughly one thousand standard details that have been fully indexed, meaning they are text searchable and can be viewed and printed. There are another several hundred project-specific details that have been fully indexed. The rest of our details, several thousand, are text searchable.
 CAD Detail Explorer saves us a lot of time trying to find the right detail to use. It also saves on drafting time because we are spending less time redrawing details that we already have drawn because we can find them now.
Jonathan Clark
Architect | Project Manager | CADD Manager
SDG Architects, Inc.
Brentwood, CA

Technical Information

Supported CAD Platforms
-AutoCAD™ 2017 or earlier
– Bentley MicroStation™ CONNECT, v8i, XM, v8.5

System Requirements
-Windows 64/32-bit
-Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or higher
-Autodesk Design Review™ 2013. It is available here.

Please contact us with any questions or for pricing. CAD Detail Explorer is licensed on workstation level as a perpetual license with an annual comprehensive technical support agreement.

CAD Detail Explorer FAQ

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