Case Study – Automated Curbline Expansion Tool

Case Study – Curbline Expansion Tool

Customer: Municipal Systems Integrator

Project: Automated Curbline/Right-of-Way Editor Tool

Problem: City of Chicago 911 dispatch system needed to graphically show street/alley widths to emergency vehicles. This required expanding the rights-of-way and curblines for a large metropolitan city several thousand city blocks with alleys. The right-of-way were stored as a discrete topology network.

Solution: Develop a curbline editor tool which allows the user to dynamically expand right-of-ways and curblines with a single command.

Result: Saved thousands of manual editing hours to complete entire city.


Dynamically allow user to move curbline to with cursor

• Command recalculates curblines and alley intersections
• User-specified offset distance
• Supports discrete curb and alley lines (i.e., indiv. lines)


Curbline being moved dynamically 8′ outward with cursor







After being moved (8′). Note alley lines have also been extended







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