Case Study – Re-Scaling Electrical Maps

Case Study – Re-Scaling of Overhead Electrical Distribution Maps

Customer: Electrical Utility

Problem: Customer needed to convert hundreds of existing Overhead Electrical Distribution maps from 600’ scale for primary and 200’ scale for secondary and service to a new common 100’ scale. The cost to manually redraw the maps was prohibitive.

Solution: Mill Creek Systems developed an automated scaling tool to re-scale the maps.

The Overhead Map Scaling tool automatically scaled both the primary, secondary and service features, using a multi-stage scaling process based on the corporate graphic standards.  This preserved the original look and feel in the newly scaled maps.


Before Scaling (600′, 200′ Scales) Before Scaling (600′, 200′ Scales)


The output scaled maps, on average, required 15 minutes of manual touch-up per section vs. four hours to redraw.

Our work saved the company 3 hours 45 minutes per section. The entire project yielded time savings of approximately 28,875 hours.



After Scaling (100′:1″ Scale) After Scaling (100′ scale)

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