Electric Utility Primary Distribution Map Maint. Tools

Case Study – Electric Utility Primary Distribution Map Management Tools

Customer: Electric Utility

Project: Electrical Distribution Placement/Maintenance Tools

Problem: 50 electrical system owners needed a set of tools to easily maintain their primary distribution circuit maps.

Solution: Mill Creek Systems, Inc. was selected to develop a set of placement and editing tools to enable complete maintenance of primary circuit maps.


• Interactive (dynamic) device placement with cursor
• Tools ensure graphics are placed according to graphic standards
• Breaks line work to insert device
• Line work healed when deleting device
• Circuit integrity reporting and maintenance tools
• Ext. ASCII configuration files used to define devices

Electric Utility

Other devices (not shown) include:
• voltage codes
• voltage devices
• meters
• substations
• tap dots
• wire changes
• cabinets
• conductors

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