Structural Steel Estimating Software

Structural Steel Estimating Software

Problem: Structural Steel Fabricator needed to replace decades old MS-DOS character-based structural steel estimating program with modern/productive Windows-based software

Solution: Mill Creek Systems, Inc. was selected to develop a structural steel estimating program

Customer Requirements:

  • Easy to set up job for estimating with multiple areas within a job
  • Easy and fast “heads up” data entry for each take-off line item in the bid for maximum data entry speed by using predefined drop-down menus and auto-complete fields
  • Display estimate in master-detail format – subtotals material cost and labor hours for each area of and for the whole job
  • Need dialog to manage Specials (special job-specific components added to estimate)
  • Steel items can be priced in terms of cost per linear foot or cost per lb
  • Separate Admin interface needed to easily change price of raw steel as price fluctuates rapidly and add/remove steel beams
Original MS-DOS-based Structural Steel Estimating System Output

Original MS-DOS-based Structural Steel Estimating System Output

Step 1 – Create the Job and then add the appropriate Areas within the job to categorize take off items.

Job/Area Management Dialog

Step 2 – Enter all the structural beams, plates, bolts, anchors and other hardware.

Line Item Entry Dialog

Step 3 – Define any job-specific items (“Specials”) used only in the current job.  Specials can be defined in terms of a weight/foot and price/lb or just a unit price.

Job-Specific Items

Step 4 – View the estimate in master-detail view by Area.

Estimate shown in in Master-Detail view

Step 5 – Create a PDF output of the estimate.

Final Estimate PDF output

Admins can update steel items (weight, cost, etc.) through the database through the Administrative interface. Multiple items can up updated concurrently.


Administrative interface to edit standard items, weights, prices, etc.




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